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Boomers in Groups Heads to Daytona Beach

SALEM, Ohio — Travel planners and the travel industry attending the Boomers in Groups meeting next month will be hosted by a large assortment of event sponsors, including tour companies, destinations, casinos and even a federal agency.

Boomers in Groups is the nation’s leading organization for travel leaders in the baby boomer age group, and its annual gathering draws travel planners from over 25 states. The gathering is named the BiG Travel Weekend and focuses on networking, seminars and sightseeing. It takes place October 27-29 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Delegates to the BiG Travel Weekend will enjoy three meal functions, sponsored by Globus, Eureka Springs and Experience Park Tours. These meal events will allow all delegates to network in a fun atmosphere while enjoying entertainment, as well as product and destination knowledge. “Event meal functions at BiG are designed as social events where the travel industry mixes with travel group leaders,” said Charlie Presley of The Group Travel Family.

Hoosier Park of Indiana will continue its longstanding support of BiG by again sponsoring the official name badges. Hoosier Park has been an event sponsor since BiG was founded and has increased its boomer market business as a result.

Hampton Inn and Suites will make sure your phone, tablet or laptop has enough power by acting as the official sponsor of the BiG phone chargers. These chargers will be placed throughout the BiG Marketplace, will be free of charge and will get a lot of activity during the BiG Travel Weekend.

Delegates will learn more about chartering motorcoaches during a presentation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA is the agency that oversees safe motorcoach operations in the United States, and BiG delegates charter over 1,500 motorcoaches per year with 60,000 travelers.

If you would like to bring your message to delegates at the BiG Travel Weekend, a few opportunities are still available. You can still get visibility as the keycard sponsor, with your name on every delegate’s room key, or highlight your logo on the Marketplace floor as the aisle sign sponsor. There is even an available spot for presentation time.

Contact Jennifer Ferguson to find out about these and other ways to increase your marketing visibility with Boomer Travel Groups by calling 800-628-0993 or sending an email to