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Breeze Through Your Summer Trips

It’s hard to enjoy amazing travel moments when you’re sweating through your clothes.

As spring turns to summer, I find myself reflecting on how changes in weather impact the travel experience. It’s no secret that fall and spring are the most popular seasons for group travel, thanks to their mostly moderate temperatures. But summer brings its own travel appeal, including lots of sunshine and outdoor events.

Of course, the sunshine and warm weather aren’t without their challenges (such as the aforementioned sweat). So if you have groups traveling this summer, consider taking some of these measures to make sure the heat doesn’t stand in the way of having a great time.

Stock up on water.

Dehydration is the biggest risk to travelers getting out and about in the summer heat, so you should take responsibility for making sure everyone has access to water whenever they need it. You can do this by providing reusable water bottles with your company logo and arranging to have them refilled at the hotel, restaurants and other stops. Or build some money into your trip budget to supply bottled water. Many bus companies can provide a cooler as part of your coach charter.

Bring sunscreen to share.

Summer’s sunny days can wreak havoc on unprotected skin. If your group will be spending time in the sun, make sure everyone knows they should bring — and use — sunscreen. You could even provide a small bottle in a goodie bag everyone gets at the beginning of the trip and make sunscreen application part of the group’s daily departure ritual. And since someone is bound to forget their sunscreen or run out along the way, bring an extra bottle or two to share.

Get an early start.

On hot days, mornings can be the most pleasant time for outdoor activities. If you’re anticipating some outdoor adventure — or even a walking tour or botanical garden visit —plan these activities as your first agenda items for the day. You may be able to get your group early access to some places before they open to the public during warmer hours of the day. You can even combine some of these experiences with picnic breakfasts for a scenic and memorable start to the day.

Plan a late-afternoon break.

No matter when you’re traveling, it’s a best practice to plan some downtime at your group’s hotel before dinner. During the summer months, this stop becomes essential. Not only will it give travelers a break from the heat in the afternoon, but it will also give them a chance to shower or otherwise freshen up. After all, nobody likes going to a nice restaurant with sweaty clothes and sunscreen-streaked skin. And a quick recharge at the hotel may give them a second wind for some after-dinner fun.

Arrange a cool treat.

Sometimes hot days on the road are unavoidable. If you know your group is going to have a long stretch in the heat, plan a surprise treat to help them cool off along the way. This could include something simple like a lemonade or ice-cream break or something more involved, such as a frozen drink or cocktail. Have these treats waiting at a strategic point along the way during an outdoor tour or experience. Your travelers will appreciate your forethought and will perceive a higher value in your travel product.