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Bring Your Crew on a Sightseeing Cruise

Tampa Bay, Yellowstone National Park and northern Kentucky may not seem like they have a lot in common, but at least one element ties these destinations together: fantastic sightseeing cruises.

While they differ in type, each cruise highlights what’s special about the destination and treats passengers to gorgeous surroundings and exceptional experiences. Groups can see urban skyscrapers without fighting city crowds, listen to live jazz in the heart of New Orleans and even see a shipwreck up close.

If your group is interested in kicking back on the water and enjoying this type of experience, try taking them on one of these five sightseeing cruises.

Yellowstone Sceniccruise

Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park

Groups looking to enjoy scenic landscapes and pure beauty can explore Yellowstone Lake, the largest body of water in Yellowstone National Park, with Yellowstone Sceniccruise.

While exploring the lake aboard the Lake Queen II, groups will see the Absaroka and Washburn Mountain Ranges and the mouth of the Yellowstone River, the lake’s only outlet, and sail around Stevenson Island. Osprey, white pelicans and moose are common sights on the shores of the lake. More rare sightings include elk, buffalo, otters and even bald eagles.

The highlight of the tour for many is the wreckage of the SS E.C. Waters. During the cruise, groups can hear the story of both E.C. Waters, an early park concessioner, and the ship that bears his name from park rangers. Since the ruins are found in the shallower waters of the lake, groups are able to get close to the shipwreck site and see the skeletal remains of the once-grand vessel.

A popular option for groups during peak sightseeing hours is to pair a late-morning or early-afternoon cruise with lunch at the Yellowstone Lake Hotel. The hotel, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is also popular with groups that stay in the park.

BB Riverboats

Newport, Kentucky

BB Riverboats is a family-owned cruise company that spans four decades and three generations of the Bernstein family. Its docks are located on Newport’s Riverboat Row in the heart of American steamboat country around Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. During the golden age of steamboats, many of the river-going vessels were built in the shipyards of Cincinnati. Seeing this historic river city by boat offers travelers an opportunity to connect with the past.

The Historic Cincinnati cruise spans a three-mile stretch of the Ohio River that features historic buildings and bridges where groups can see both storied landmarks and the new developments on the Cincinnati riverfront. As the boat cruises around the harbor, the captain often shares the historical significance and stories of the different sites. Passengers also have the opportunity to hear live Dixieland or Southern rock music played by Big Whiskey, a favorite local band.

“Over the past few years, we’ve partnered with a lot of companies here locally,” said Ben Bernstein, grandson of the company’s founder.

This has allowed BB Riverboats to create unique offerings and options for various tasting cruises. Some of these companies include StoneBrook Winery, Rhinegeist Brewery, MadTree Brewery and Old Smokey Moonshine. Beginning this fall, BB Riverboats will also be adding a bourbon-tasting cruise.