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Bucket List Itinerary: Exploring the Northwest Passage

Sail past rugged wilderness panoramas only seen by a handful of explorers and adventurers from the safety of your luxury vessel on a new cruise through the Northwest Passage. Passengers aboard Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Serenity can now easily traverse the route once attempted only by the bravest of explorers.

The company’s 32-day “2016 Northwest Passage” trip takes participants past massive glaciers, towering fjords and rare wildlife sightings through the fabled sea route. The ship begins by moving around Alaska, into the Beaufort Sea, through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and on to Greenland.

Unplanned “Expedition Days” will pop up during the tour for excursions seeking polar bears, narwhals, musk oxen, caribou and other wildlife viewing opportunities. Guests can also take part of arctic adventures such as kayaking in protected bays and trekking the tundra with a professional guide.

Crystal Serenity will become the first luxury ship to ever traverse the Northwest Passage. The expedition-style cruise will navigate the remote passage safely using an escort vessel that carries safety and environmental-protection equipment.

Crystal Cruises partnered with EYOS Expeditions to plan the unprecedented cruise, which took two years to organize.

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