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Buffets Inc to Host TravelTalks Series

SALEM, Ohio — Buffets Inc. has partnered with The Group Travel Family to host the entire 2013 series of TravelTalks.

TravelTalks is the new event that brings the organizers of group travel together for education, networking, destination and product knowledge and to meet the rest of the travel industry. TravelTalks will be held in 35 cities this year, all of which will highlight a Buffets Inc. restaurant.

Buffets Inc. — better known to group travelers as its five restaurant brands: Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, Fire Mountain and Country Buffet — is a major player in group travel. The restaurants serve lunch and dinner and are attractive to groups with their single-price menus, wide buffet selections, motorcoach parking, and free meals to group organizers and bus drivers.

TravelTalks will begin at 9 o’clock in the morning with welcome coffee and danish. The two-and-a-half-hour meeting will take place in the restaurants’ group seating areas, and attendees will be offered a discount coupon for the luncheon buffet.

“It makes sense to hold TravelTalks at the Buffet Inc restaurants,” said Tammy Knox of The Group Travel Family. “After all, they are a national leader in group meals.”

“Buffets Inc. is pleased to be the national sponsor for TravelTalks,” said Julie Diamond, director of tourism and national sales for Buffets Inc.  “As one of the nation’s largest steak buffet restaurant companies, operating 340 restaurants in 35 states, we are the perfect match for small- and large-group dining. We are thrilled to be hosting a continental breakfast at each for the TravelTalks sessions and are excited to be part of The Group Travel Family.”

Diamond will spearhead the relationship with The Group Travel Family, parent company of TravelTalks.

Organizers of group travel are invited to attend TravelTalks at their local Buffets Inc. restaurant by calling 800-628-0993 or registering online at

For information on Buffets Inc. restaurants, contact group reservations at 800-753-8207 or