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Buyer’s Guide 2016

Get all the statistics, visions and trends you need to know about to thrive in a changing group travel industry with this year’s Buyer’s Guide.


Reasons to Go: The Case for Group Travel

We interviewed industry leaders to get their perspective on the forces shaping the group travel industry today.


Five Rules for Thriving

A new generation of customers calls for a new approach to group travel.


Statistics on the Modern Travel Planner

We’ve compiled comprehensive look at the results compiled from the surveys of 570 travel planners, as well as some key takeaways from each statistic.


Iconic Destinations: They’re All in

These iconic destinations are doubling down on their cultural identities.


Dreams Within Reach: Tips for Planning Exotic Trips

Follow these steps to make exotic travel a reality for your group.


The Process: How Business Gets Booked

Travel planners share their process for selecting destinations and activities.