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Cave filled with Ice Age bones opens to the public

Courtesy Indiana Caverns

CORYDON, Ind. – About 25,000 years ago, a cave collapse in Southern Indiana trapped hundreds of animals inside. The Pleistocene-era remains of dozens of animal species recently uncovered now lie on display in the nation’s newest show cave.

Indiana Caverns opened to the public June 15 to reveal this significant archeological find to visitors. Prehistoric black bear, bison, fisher (cat-like animal), snakes and various types of birds remain showcased in an area of the cave known as Big Bone Mountain.

During the tour, visitors walk into a high domed entryway with a view from a 25-foot bridge overlooking Big Bone Mountain’s ancient animal remains. Guests can also marvel at panoramas of flowstone formations, stalactites and stalagmites as they learn the history of the cave.

Travelers eventually come to an underground river in the cave where they take a 25-minute boat ride past 30-foot-high waterfalls. After exiting the cave, groups can also visit the gift shop and try the onsite gem mining experience.

Indiana Caverns stays open year round. For more information, visit