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Collette will Continue to Offer Tours to Europe for Fully Vaccinated Travelers

Collette, one of the world’s oldest and best-known travel companies, will continue taking vaccinated travelers to European Union countries this fall and winter and is stressing that all vaccinated travelers are exempt from recent travel restrictions put in place by the EU. The company has taken 1,300 travelers to international destinations since April 2020 and has been taking clients to European countries for more than six months. Vaccinated travelers can continue to Ride the Silver Wave all the way to Europe with Collette.

Read more from Collette below:

PAWTUCKET, Rhode Island— Collette will continue to operate tours to the European Union, amidst changes made for unvaccinated travelers earlier this week. The company, which requires travelers to be fully vaccinated for international travel, has successfully operated tours to Europe for the past six months. Collette has worked alongside government officials, tourism boards, and key partners during this time, to ensure a positive experience for guests throughout their travel in Europe.“We have been completely supportive of reopening the doors to international travel, both inbound and outbound, and continue to provide the best experiences for our guests.” said Dan Sullivan, Jr. CEO of Collette. “Our guests are fully vaccinated, and our team continues to do its due diligence in vetting every aspect of travel within the European Union, while adhering to necessary testing and guidance that has been set forth.”

1,300 guest have traveled internationally with Collette since April of 2020.


About Collette

As the longest-running tour operator in North America, Collette has provided guided travel for over 104 years. With trips to all seven continents, guests fulfill their deepest travel aspirations in a variety of ways. Our guests are all unique so we offer diversified travel styles including small groups, single hotel stays, and faith based experiences, river cruises, and rail journeys. As a family-owned and operated business, we emphasize a focus on our travelers as our personal guests and are dedicated to making the world a better place, through a comprehensive social responsibility platform.