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Discover El Paso, the Sun City

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Discover your latest exciting adventure in the Sun City where there’s no shortage of outdoor fun and excitement waiting to be discovered. That’s because El Paso is the only city in Texas blessed with stunning, scenic mountains accompanied by year-round sunshine, so that every moment brightens your day. From wildlife to nightlife, there’s a reason El Paso is the premium destination for adventure seekers from all over the world.

Explore thousands of years of history and let your imagination run wild as you experience everything El Paso has to offer. The city’s rich and vast history is another one of the many attractions for those among us fascinated by the past. Native American tribes, Spanish explorers, the decline of a once-great European power and the emergence of a new republic have all left an influential mark on this unique region as various characteristics from each era have blended together to form a rich and memorable tapestry. You could even say it’s the best of both worlds.

Uncover more than 14,000 years of regional prehistory at the El Paso Museum of Archeology, and then learn about the regions multicultural and multinational past when you visit the El Paso Museum of History.

Ancient and modern artifacts and art from Native American cultures in the Southwest and Mexico, including wood carvings, textiles and pottery, are on display in the museum’s permanent collection.

Next, marvel at the three historic missions on the El Paso Mission Trail, home to two 17th-century missions and a chapel built in the 1800s. These are the oldest churches in the state of Texas. Each of the parishes still congregates for Mass to this day. The Mission Trail is home to museums, state and national landmarks, art galleries, award-winning restaurants and many attractions that inspire visitors from around the world.

The San Elizario Presidio Chapel on El Paso’s Mission Trail

Need more adventure? Visit the staggering beauty of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Featuring the tallest peaks in Texas, this beautiful National Park is located just a short drive from El Paso. But your adventure doesn’t stop there because El Paso is the gateway to three more National Parks including White Sands National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Big Bend National Park. All three sites are within an easy road trip from the already amazing Sun City.

Next, plan a trip to San Jacinto Plaza. This historic park is located in the heart of downtown and is now home to paths and bridges, gaming areas for ping-pong, chess and horseshoes, and a café that features a variety of local snack-time favorites. This urban open space celebrates the history and culture of El Paso and is ideal for gatherings, small or large.

Historic San Jacinto Plaza

From San Jacinto Plaza you’re just a few steps away from beautifully restored historic hotels, amazing five-star restaurants featuring local and international cuisine, shopping, and great entertainment.

Hotel Indigo

With El Paso’s unprecedented growth, unlimited outdoor activities and an all-new downtown, you’re guaranteed an adventure of a lifetime!