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Dreamy Dining, Dressage and Vitamin D (Sponsored)

Discover “must see” group tour diamonds in Union County, Ohio! Located just 20 miles from Columbus, Union County offers groups a variety of refreshing off the beaten path experiences.

Dreamy Dining

Enjoy the unique experience of dining on a covered bridge, complete with entertainment and a setting that celebrates a slower era. Create treasured memories with a delicious lunch or dinner under the canopy of an historic red bridge amidst the pastoral scenery of Union County.

NEW! The Art of Dressage and the Beauty of a Dancing Horse

Experience the rhythmic magic of equine dressage at Red Tail Equestrian. Go behind-the-scenes of a world class Olympic-sized training center as you learn how horse and rider partner to create a spectacular show of choreography in movement. Longtime rider Becky Patton will captivate visitors with an in-depth presentation of the history of the sport, past champions, expert training, and a sensational performance with her horse.

 NEW! Vitamin D, Sweet Hickory and Lavender for Thee

Nestled along a quiet rural road, visitors to Purple Plains Farm learn the art of growing lavender, the health benefits and variety of delicious ways to enjoy shiitake mushrooms (they’re loaded with vitamin D) and how to make hickory syrup at this quaint, family-run farm.

Unbeaten Berries and Bulbs

The nostalgic 1954 Chevy truck at the entrance of Mitchell’s Berries, reminds visitors of a simpler time when friends shared the bounty of the growing season. The spirit of hospitality and endearing homey style of the Mitchell family has been passed down for 200+ years. With more than 23,00 berry plants, the harvests and memories are plentiful. Enjoy a variety of experiences from u-pick tours and berry-themed meals to painting classes and wine pairing events.

There’s truth in the Hans Christian Anderson quote, “Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower,” – the only exception is that there’s nothing little about the family-owned Leo Berbee Bulb Co. For more than 47 years the Berbee family has been sharing the beauty of their trade by cultivating and distributing millions of bulbs across the U.S. and beyond. Among their esteemed customer list is The Pentagon, National Parks Service, U.S. Botanic Garden, and the Columbus Zoo! Take home a pack of inspiration for your own garden.

Homerun Innovation

Fueled by the Power of Dreams, Honda continues to rank as the world’s most innovative mobility company. The Honda Heritage Center™ highlights the company’s successes in North America over the last half century with an array of historical, current and future products – each with its own story.

See how six pounds of wood is transformed into a baseball bat, as you learn the history of Phoenix Bats (hint: they blame it on a bunch of guys from the 1800s). Tour the factory and see first-hand the art of crafting a great bat. Visitors leave ready to hit a home run with their own mini bat souvenir in-hand.

There’s much more to discover! Let us help you plan your next tour!  Go to: or call Caroline Hardman our tour services coordinator today at (937) 642-6279.