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Five Signs You May Be a Group Leader

Being a group leader can sneak up on you.

When a group of people plan a trip together, it’s common for one person to end up taking the reins and doing the organizational work to make the trip successful. When they do, they become what travel professionals call a “group leader.” Group leaders have a lot of responsibility, but they can also get a lot of help and even qualify for a lot of benefits.

Unfortunately, many people never take advantage of these resources because they don’t even know what a group travel leader is. They do all the work, and their friends have all the fun.

If that description sounds familiar, check out these five signs you may be a group leader.

Everyone Venmos you

It can be tricky to split costs of things like meals, ride-shares or lodging for larger groups. Usually someone will have to pay upfront to make a reservation and keep things seamless, and everyone else pays that person their share. If that person paying upfront and getting Venmoed later is you, that means you’re likely the one organizing the more difficult logistics of the group’s trip, and you may be a group leader.

You’re the ‘mom friend’ (or ‘dad friend’)

Being the “mom friend” doesn’t necessarily relate to actual parenthood — it simply refers to someone who takes charge, provides support and even solves problems or conflicts along the way. If you’re on a trip and people tend to come to you to solve their problems, whether personal or interpersonal, that’s a sure sign they think of you as a leader.  If you’re the one in the group who can always be relied on because you’re known to carry a first aid kit or Tide pen, that’s another sign you’re already the leader on these trips. Group travel leaders are constantly looking after the welfare of their travelers, just like a good mom friend would.

You have group travel apps on your phone

Sure, plenty of people have airline or Airbnb apps on their phone, but if you have a long list of apps designed to create and distribute itineraries, book large reservations or even handle group payments, you’re probably a group travel leader. There’s an app for everything in the travel sphere, from finding the best attractions, restaurants and tours in the area to getting discounts for group activities and services. If you’re making your life easier with a wide array of travel or group-oriented apps, you may just be a group travel leader.

You take charge of communication

If you’re the one who sets up the group chat, sends out updates about the trip’s status and answers questions, you’re doing the work of a group leader — maybe without even realizing it. This work can also include reaching out to the attractions, hotels or restaurants to make reservations. The people who take the initiative to send out updates, make reservations and ask questions are usually the ones taking responsibility for the trip’s success. It requires you to be a good communicator and to have time management and organizational skills. Those are traits you hope to find in every good group leader.

You take people to the places you love visiting

Have you ever visited a destination and thought, “I’d love to bring my friends here”? Have you actually taken them back to that place? Organizing trips to the places you love and bringing other people along for the ride is a sure sign you’re a group leader. You’re already familiar with the destination and everything that makes it a great place to be. You can give your friends helpful tips, such as what to bring and what to avoid, and help them experience the destination to the fullest. Whether that’s your favorite natural wonder, a small town or a can’t-miss attraction, taking people to the places you love is exactly what a group leader does.

If you meet two or more of these criteria, congratulations — you’re a group travel leader! We have tons of free resources to make your next group trip less stressful and more successful. The best place to start is our PDF download Travel Free and Bring Your Friends. And don’t miss our podcast and library of articles to help you take your group trips to the next level.