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Giant mammoths coming to Indiana

Courtesy Indiana State Museum

INDIANAPOLIS – Guests can come face-to-face with giant prehistoric mammals that once roamed the Midwest at the Indiana State Museum’s upcoming exhibit “Ice Age Giants: The Mystery of Mammoths and Mastodons.” Beginning Nov. 16, the museum will invite visitors to see what Indiana looked like 80,000 years ago during the last advance of the ice age.

The mammoths and mastodons on display were all discovered buried beneath the path of ice sheets that once covered the state. The exhibit delves into these Ice Age mammals, their environment, what happens at a real dig site and how research reveals information about the mammal remains.

“I am extremely excited about this project, which I believe is going to blow the minds of the museum visitors this fall,” said Ron Richards, Indiana State Museum senior research curator of paleobiology. “Guests will get to walk among the remains of giant mammoths and mastodons that roamed Indiana some 13,000 years ago.”

The exhibit’s Hall of Giants displays the largest Ice Age bone collection in the Midwest, with real mounted skeletons, casts, fossil tusks and skulls of Ice Age animals.

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