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GLAMER partners with ClubExpress

Running a travel group can be complex and time consuming. Membership lists and finances need to be managed, events need to be planned, the website and social media need regular updating, and many other tasks must be completed on time so that trips run smoothly.

Many group directors still use a spreadsheet for membership, have mailing labels in a word processor and have email lists on software. Most clubs still accept only checks or cash for travel payments, with no availability to accept credit or debit cards.

The Internet now allows you to run your group entirely online, with a membership database built into a secure website; features to manage tours, memberships, finances and group communications; credit card processing; and many other functions that replace PC-based or manual processes, with which many group leaders struggle.

With Internet-based group management, data is available from anywhere as long as there is a connection to the Web, even through smart phones. And most importantly, someone else is responsible for security and backups.

GLAMER, which has been working to bring group leaders up to speed in the area of management software, has announced a new partnership with ClubExpress, a major player in club management systems.

“The Internet and cloud computing give groups exciting new options and allow you to better run your travel club and communicate with members,” said Charlie Presley of GLAMER. “We are excited to introduce ClubExpress and encourage you to take a look at the great program they have developed.”

ClubExpress provides groups with an Internet platform to manage both operations and tour programs. ClubExpress combines the group website with the membership database, secure online member signup, renewals and expirations, credit card processing, membership directory, discussion forums, event calendars, online registration, committees, documents, interests and other modules based on what groups do.

The system includes a full suite of administration tools, reports and exports. You need no programming experience; interactive menus and forms control everything, and all changes are immediately live.

ClubExpress uses state-of-the-art security; there’s no advertising, and a group owns its data at all times.

“Tools like ClubExpress will help your group get to the heart of its purpose by addressing the three things that every travel group cares about: reducing time spent managing the group so you can spend more time focused on travel, creating a richer experience for your members to increase retention and attracting new travelers to build membership and strengthen the vitality of your group,” said Presley.

ClubExpress will present a seminar at the Boomers in Groups Gathering in Milwaukee, Oct. 21-23. For more information, visit, or call 866-457-2582.

To attend the Boomers in Groups Gathering, visit, or call Kim at 800-628-0993.