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GOF speaker to discuss honoring veterans

At the Going On Faith Conference in Richmond, Va., Rob Callahan will tell his moving story about the purposeful HonorTour. This patriotic program takes World War II veterans to Washington to see war memorials with no expense to themselves.


“HonorTour is a Christian organization that consists of me, my wife, Donna, and my co-worker, Tucker Davis,” said Callahan. “Its purpose is to honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Currently, we do this by taking WWII veterans to Washington D.C. on a three-day, two-night, all-expense-paid trip to see their WWII Memorial ¾ a memorial they waited almost 60 years for.”


Callahan will speak about his meaningful program at the conference in August for religious travel planners and travel industry members from across the country. In the presentation, Callahan outlines the details of the program that takes veterans to see the World War II Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, the White House, the Capitol, the Pentagon and other sites. The veterans are also escorted by the Patriot Guard Motorcycle Rides and the Missouri State Police from Poplar Bluff, Mo., to the St. Louis airport.


“We’ve completed nine trips thus far, and we’ll do our tenth this October 7-8,” said Callahan. “Many veterans say this has been the best trip of their lives, and that they feel like a movie star. For three days they are constantly thanked everywhere they go by old and young alike.”


For more information about HonorTour, contact Callahan at P.O. Box 694, Poplar Bluff, MO 63902, or call 573-785-8461.


For more information or to register for the Going On Faith Conference, contact Teresa Burton at 330-332-3841 or visit