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Grand American Tours picks up GLAMER groups

MORTON, Pa. — Grand American Tours is beginning its 25th year of serving group leaders by welcoming back loyal followers and inviting new groups to give it a try. Nancy Magee, president of Grand American, thought of a way to accomplish this and at the same time give her group leaders subscriptions to The Group Travel Leader.

Grand American planned a series of travel meetings for its group leaders to discuss new tours and destinations and asked GLAMER if it would be interested in inviting its members to the meetings.

“Nancy gave me a call with the idea of getting GLAMER groups to her meetings, and it evolved to the point of also getting The Group Travel Leader to her groups,” said Tammy Knox of GLAMER.

The result was beneficial to Grand American, GLAMER and the group leaders involved.

“Grand American Tours understands that the more information group leaders have, the better decisions they will make,” said Knox. “They also seem comfortable with their company and its reputation, so much so that they were secure in mailing a travel publication to groups that travel with them.

“That says a lot for Grand American and their belief in group leaders making solid travel choices.”