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Group Travel Family brings innovation to travel conferences

By David Malhalab, courtesy MNS

Boomers in Groups held its BiG Weekend September 28-30 in Milwaukee, where 250 delegates enjoyed “elevator pitch” presentations from five brave members of the travel industry.

The boomer groups were entertained by the 90-second presentations and had the chance to vote on winning elevator speeches.

Presenters were Susan Yarolem of Celebration River Cruises, Michael Pitman of Sight and Sound, Michael Lundquist of Globus, Mike Kase of Hoosier Park and Wendy Dobrzynski of Visit Milwaukee.

The delegates were allowed to give presentations that fit into the space of an elevator. All five presenters proved ingenious and entertaining styles. Dobrzynski’s welcomed everyone to Milwaukee and then gave the audience 60 seconds to watch the “elevator” floors go by in peace and quiet. Pitman explained all that Branson has to offer, including a finale where he removed a dress shirt to reveal a tee shirt from Branson’s official Strongman Competition, in which he himself had competed.

After a brief consultation with “judges,” Pitman’s presentation was deemed possible to fit in an elevator and allowed to stand. The judgment received a positive reaction from the mostly female audience.

“While we all had a great time its important to recognize that our five presenters were under real pressure to get on stage and go outside the box in front of the entire BiG delegation,” said Charlie Presley of BiG. “They did a great job and set the positive attitude for the weekend.”

Yes, Pitman of Sight and Sound won the vote, but only by a pectoral.

Boomers in Groups will hold The BiG Weekend 2013 on November 15-17 featuring the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

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