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GroupTools Rolls Out Group Management Technology

SALEM, Ohio — GroupTools is bringing new technology to the group travel industry with a software platform that can be used by travel planners to better organize their workflow.

Group travel planners have always been responsible for the planning, the organizing, the marketing and even the bookkeeping for their trips. While advances in technology have lessened the workload, it has taken GroupTools to focus the effort on group travel.

“It has been a pleasure to work with GroupTools at our conferences and create an awareness of their services to group travel planners nationwide,” said Jennifer Ferguson of The Group Travel Family. GroupTools has reached out to the group travel market by attending the Going On Faith Conference, the Select Traveler Conference, the Small Market Meetings Conference and Boomers in Groups.

The goal of GroupTools is to create effortless group management.

“With GroupTools, you can plan your event, manage your attendees and identify new opportunities, all under one platform,” said the company’s Bruce Amick.

GroupTools allows travel planners to discover ideas, build travel packages, manage tour product, invite group members and collect payments, all automatically. This reduces the time a travel planner spends on those tasks and allows them to allocate their time to more important tasks.

Every travel planner knows the importance of communicating with group members and new prospects. GroupTools helps leaders engage with travelers and increases the level of conversation to build and solidify interest in the trip.

GroupTools is bringing technology to travel planners. Contact Bruce Amick at 570-226-7340 or visit for information.