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Lemurs come to Tennessee Aquarium

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee — Lemur Forest, featuring seven ring-tailed and two red-ruffed lemurs, opened March 1 as the latest major addition to the Tennessee Aquarium.

The exhibit, which replicates the wilds of Madagascar, the lemurs’ native habitat, anchors a complete overhaul to the top floor of the aquarium’s Ocean Journey building.

An innovative exhibit design offers consistent sightlines along the numerous routes the animals can traverse, including an aerial path arcing directly over the exhibit’s entrance.

The exhibit also features more than 200 linear feet of artificial “vines,” which can be moved and re-attached to a network of anchor points, creating new and interesting pathways to satisfy the lemurs’ thirst for exploration and mental stimulation.

The changes to the top floor of the building also include a comprehensive update to Stingray Bay, the Aquarium’s largest touch tank, to make it more accessible.