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Lobster in the Canadian Maritimes

When you think of Canadian Maritime delicacies, lobster comes immediately to mind. “Lobster is the biggest section of the fishing industry here,” said Lisa Bullerwell, tour guide for Atlantic Tours.

And what better way to experience a lobster dinner than to go where the lobsters are. The first evening on our trip, we went aboard a 53-foot lobster boat in New Brunswick with Shediac Bay Cruises, where we not only enjoyed a delicious lobster meal — after humorous instructions from Captain Dan Cormier on how to crack and eat lobster — but learned a lot about the lobster fishing industry as well.

As we cruised the bay, the crew brought up an old-fashioned wood trap with a rubber chicken planted in it, then pulled up a contemporary wire cage trap that did have a live lobster in it.

Good sport Kevin Johnston from Australia helped demonstrate how to put bands on lobster claws — and then had to kiss the lobster.

It was a calm, beautiful evening, and the dinner was augmented by the cruise out of the scenic small-town marina at Shediac and past the surrounding countryside.