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Mobile App Use Surging Among Conference Attendees

SALEM, Ohio — The Group Travel Family is embracing mobile online information. The company’s travel conferences now all feature mobile apps. Since their conferences introduced apps five years ago, attendee usage has surged, and apps have become the main distribution point of information, updates and even communication among delegates.

While the printed delegate registry is not going away, conferences delegates are finding it more convenient to simply download the conference’s app on their phones and have continuously updated information. The recently held Going On Faith Conference, which brings together religious travel planners, reported a 25 percent increase in its mobile app usage since last year.

The Group Travel Family believes in the future of its apps. The company is developing a series of short animated videos to promote understanding and usage. The organization was awarded the 2107 App of the Year award by Yapp, a major player in conference app development.

“Our mobile apps allow on-the-fly updates that can reach all delegates in seconds,” said Kathleen Presley, who manages development for seven Group Travel Family apps. “We also see delegates posting photos while at conferences and communicating via Twitter, all through our mobile apps.”

One of the best features is the delegates’ ability to post photos of themselves on their registry listings. A picture is worth a thousand words, and many delegates are using these photos to help build relationships.

If you would like to give a Group Travel Family app a try, go to, and download to any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.