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Music Festival Experience Coming to Rock and Roll HOF

CLEVELAND – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wants visitors to feel like they’ve stepped into a full-blown music festival with their new exhibit, “Common Ground: The Music Festival Experience.” Set to open April 25, 2014, the two-floor exhibit immerses guests in the music festival experience and its impact on music across the planet.

Before even buying museum tickets, visitors can interact with the exhibit by voting for the Top 10 rock festivals of all time on and Voting closes April 23. The 10 fan favorites will run in a video montage at the entrance of the exhibit.

The featured exhibit will surround attendees with the sights and sounds of a rock festival, with ambient sounds of weather, bands tuning up, people talking and news reports. Floor to ceiling photographs of festivals, artifacts and short documentary films will also help visitors feel like they are one of the crowd.

The exhibit will focus on popular music festivals, including the first modern Newport Festivals, Woodstock, Live Aid, Glastonbury, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo. The second level of the exhibit creates the feel of standing inside a performance tent. A 20-minute film represents a energy-filled festival day with cinematic mash-up performances, sights, sounds and words from iconic music festivals from the past seven decades.

For more information, visit Rock and Roll HOF’s website at