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New exhibit at Harvard Museum of Natural History

Courtesy Harvard Museum of Natural History

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A new permanent exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History explores the natural history and ecology of New England’s forests.

“New England Forests” is a multimedia gallery that immerses visitors in each of three New England forest landscapes and features current research about how forest communities work, cycle water and carbon, interface with climate and respond to invasive species.

Museum visitors explore the ecology of woodland caribou, wolves and other wildlife of New England’s old-growth communities; see lichen cities clinging to a rock; learn about the subsurface partnerships between trees and forest mushrooms; and experience the circle of life within and around a forest pond from tiny aquatic insects to a giant moose.

The exhibit was designed and constructed by drawing on the natural history collections of Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology.

The museum also has announced that the popular “Language of Color” exhibit, which looks at how different species communicate with color, has been extended through January 2013, and renovations in the Great Mammal Hall, where skeletons of sperm, right and finback whales are suspended from the ceiling, have been completed.