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It’s Personal in Bayfield, Wisconsin

It’s not often that I leave a town thinking about what I didn’t get to do while I was there. But when I think of my time at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, I’ll always remember the one activity that got away.

My hosts in Bayfield Wisconsin had made arrangements for me to take a full-day guided kayaking excursion with Living Adventures, an outfitter that takes visitors paddling into the sea caves on the mainland shore. But the weather had other ideas: Driving rain and powerful wind gusts created whitecaps on the lake and made a kayaking expedition too treacherous.

I was able to spend that day doing other things but missed what would undoubtedly have been an exciting journey. Groups that visit during the summer get a guided tour geared for first-time kayakers. The company uses tandem kayaks to give participants a stable, smooth ride and takes them on a three mile paddle along the cliffs of the seashore and into some of the numerous sea caves.

The excursions stop around noon for a meal at Driftwood Beach. While at the beach, visitors can see Sand and Eagle islands and enjoy the bird and

wildlife in the area. The return trip takes place in the afternoon, when the sunlight enhances the deep red color of the sandstone cliffs.

If you have an adventurous group in Bayfield and a beautiful Lake Superior day, I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to kayak to the sea caves. As for me, I’ll have to wait for my next visit.