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Presley addresses Wyndham sales force through webinar

Wyndham Hotel Group recently featured a group travel webinar delivered to directors of sales at the group’s 7,000 hotels worldwide. The featured speaker was Charlie Presley, founder of The Group Travel Family, an organization touching 25,000 traveling groups and clubs.

Presley focused on the emerging baby-boomer groups that are beginning to make an impact on the travel industry. With 10,000 people in America turning 65 every day, boomers are expected to lead the market in group travel within the next 10 years.

The webinar was a live broadcast and posted online as a value benefit to Wyndham Hotel Group members. It is an ongoing training service offered by Wyndham and operated under the oversight of Peter Regan, senior director of sales and marketing.

“It was an honor to discuss the future of the group travel market directly with Wyndham Hotels,” said Presley.

The main focus of the presentation was the growth of the boomer population, its health and financial security, and the financial impact on hotels.

“When a desk clerk is checking in a 65-year-old boomer, they need to recognize that on average, that person can be a customer for the next 17 years,” Presley said. “That’s job security.”

The Group Travel Family Boomers PowerPoint is available to the travel industry free of charge. To request a copy, contact Presley at or call 800-628-0993.