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Restart Your Travel Plans with Tourism Navigator

If you’re ready to plan group trips again, Tourism Navigator is the place to start.

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting government regulations have made group travel planning a complicated mess. Tourism Navigator helps you find critical information to plan successful trips to the places you want to go. And best of all, it’s 100% free.

Created by The Group Travel Leader, Tourism Navigator is a one-stop source for important opening and operational information from hundreds of destinations, hotels, attractions and restaurants around the country.

The coronavirus crisis brought a lot of upheaval to the tourism industry. Many sales professionals who worked at CVBs, hotels and attractions for years are no longer there, and the tour operators and group leaders who relied on them for help planning group trips are not sure who to turn to now.

Additionally, pandemic-related restrictions have been implemented at state and local levels, which means there is no uniformity for travel planners. And for those organizing trips to multiple destinations, finding current information on what is open and available is difficult, if not impossible.

“We’ve been talking closely with tour operators and other travel planners since the crisis began in March,” said Kelly Tyner, vice president of sales for The Group Travel Leader. “Many of them are interested in restarting their travel programs, but they’re having trouble finding current group sales contacts or deciphering which destinations are open or closed. Tourism Navigator solves both those problems.”

When you visit Tourism Navigator, you’ll be able to search for information from the leading group tour destinations and attractions in the country. For each one, you’ll get current contact information, including the name, phone number and email address of the person there responsible for group sales.

The Tourism Navigator listings also have up-to-date information on openings, closures and travel restrictions that apply to destinations, attractions, cruises lines and other travel companies. In addition, many detail the steps they are taking to keep visitors safe.

“The organizations that have uploaded information on Tourism Navigator are the ones who are most eager to welcome groups back,” Tyner said. “They have done a lot of work to put health and safety protocols in place, and they want to make sure you have all the tools you need to start bringing your travelers back to visit them again.”

To access this critical information and begin planning your group’s return to travel, visit Tourism Navigator at

Travel industry representatives who want to include information to Tourism Navigator can submit information at