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Select Traveler Conference Creates Destination Video Series

SALEM, Ohio — The Select Traveler Conference, an organization that serves upscale travel groups in the bank, alumni and chamber of commerce markets, has just announced the publishing of a dozen Destination Showcase videos designed to expand awareness of new tour products and help travel directors find new travel destinations.

The Select Traveler Conference invites destination presentations at its annual meeting every February as educational tools for the 500 delegates in attendance. The organization now makes that information available free of charge to travel groups nationwide. The idea to expand the reach of the destination showcase presentations is an effort to grow group travel.

“We see the benefit of watching a great presentation on a new tour destination and recognized that we had an obligation to make that, information available outside of our conference,” said Teresa Burton of Select Traveler Conference. With that she set out on the task of capturing the presentations on video to preserve and distribute them to travel planners around the world.

The result has been a collection of 12 interesting presentations from Collette, Mayflower Tours, Norwegian Cruise Line, the Eureka Springs CVB, East Coast Touring Company, Fathom, Trips, MSC Cruises, Islands in the Sun, Go Ahead Tours, Anderson Vacations and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The presentation videos are available on the Group Travel Family YouTube Channel at You can view all the presentations by going to the Select Traveler Conference 2017 playlist. Contact Teresa Burton at 800-628-0998 with any questions or comments.