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Senior Excursions to showcase tours at GLAMER meetings

Courtesy Senior Excursions

SALEM, Ohio — Travel groups across the country will be introduced to one of the most established tour companies in America this year at GLAMER Chapter Meetings. Senior Excursions has not only been serving the group travel market for 45 years, but they have also been operated by one family.

The Lambert family has established a strong and reputable position with groups, having been one of the first tour companies to recognize the importance of the group leader to the travel industry.

“The Lamberts and Senior Excursions have always viewed group leaders as the most important element of group travel,” said Charlie Presley, founder of GLAMER. “They knew that it was and is the leader of the group that makes the travel destination decision, and that if it were not for group leaders, groups would not be traveling.”

Presley credits Senior Excursions with being at the forefront of developing the group market to the leading position that it currently holds in the travel industry.

Senior Excursions will bring its message as well as 75 different tour packages to the group market on a national basis by sponsoring GLAMER Chapter Meetings in 38 cities coast to coast this year.

This will give 5,000 travel groups a new selection in tour products and introduce them to a player in group travel.

The company prides itself in service as well as value.

“Senior Excursions does not operate cookie-cutter style tours,” said Marc Lambert.

The company actually allows each group leader to select from a list of options so that the trip may be customized to the taste of the group.

“We believe in flexibility and letting the group leader choose what is best for the group,” said Lambert.

The company has also held onto the rapidly disappearing option of a low deposit policy. Most excursions can be booked and reserved with a simple $200 group deposit. They also offer complimentary tours for the group leader and some departures feature a cash-incentive option.

“Its great to have a company like Senior Excursions on board at GLAMER, and we enjoy recognizing the Lambert family of their lifelong effort to group travel,” said Presley.

Lambert summed up the company motto by saying, “We know our customers by name, not by an ID number.”

You can meet and receive Senior Excursions at your local GLAMER Chapter Meeting or contact Lambert at 888-358-9880.