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Sight and Sound is a natural for Branson

Courtesy Sight and Sound Theatre

Branson has long thrived as an entertainment destination, specializing in music, magic and comedy variety shows. The area’s traditional theater scene took a giant leap in 2008 when Sight and Sound Theatre opened a 2,000-seat venue to present the large-scale productions originally created for their location in Lancaster County, Pa.

Sight and Sound has made a name for itself by mounting epic musical productions that faithfully retell some of the Bible’s most compelling stories. In April, the Branson location debuted its version of “Joseph,” which follows the life and triumphs of Joseph as told in the book of Genesis.

This show isn’t an interpretation of the 1970s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Rather, it’s a completely original musical play that sticks faithfully to the biblical account and features 20 original songs.

The production meets Sight and Sound’s Broadway-caliber quality standards, with 45 professional actors, dozens of live animals and an Egyptian palace scene that stretches 300 feet and wraps around three sides of the audience.

A number of special effects help bring the story to life. Guests will enjoy vivid depictions of several of Joseph’s dreams, which include large dancing wheat sheaths and a lead actor flying through a field of stars suspended above the audience.

“Joseph” will play at Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson through the end of 2012.

Brian Jewell

Brian Jewell is the executive editor of The Group Travel Leader. In more than a decade of travel journalism he has visited 48 states and 25 foreign countries.