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Staff Sound-Off: Travel Awaits

We asked our staff, “Where are you looking forward to going when you can travel again?” See what trips we’re planning in this month’s Staff Sound-Off.

I’d love for this to be a bit more grand, but the first trip we’ll take when travel restrictions are lifted will likely be a drive to Charlotte to see our son and his girlfriend for a long weekend. Before this occurred, we had planned to go for his birthday in early April. We would have been there to watch some of the Masters golf tournament with him, which would have been a lot of fun. We always stop for lunch in Asheville on the way over, often at Modesto, a downtown restaurant with street-side seating.

— Mac Lacy, Publisher

During this difficult time, I have found solace each morning by pouring a cup of coffee and sitting down at my computer to watch a virtual video of waves crashing on the beaches that several different coastal CVBs have been sharing on their Facebook pages. It has made me long for the day that I can return to the beach.

— Kelly Tyner, VP, Sales and Marketing

I’m looking forward to going anywhere but my apartment. But since my cruise was canceled in May, I really want to go to Costa Rica sometime in the summer.

— Kyle Anderson, Director of Advertising Sales

Graham and I had planned to go on a weekend trip to Atlanta for our anniversary mid-April but had to postpone. We love the show “The Aquarium,” so we can’t wait to see Georgia Aquarium’s new beluga baby and the albino crocodiles.

— Ashley Ricks, Graphic Designer and Circulation Manager

This was going to be the year I began traveling again, pursuing dreams that up until now had been just that — dreams. A mission trip to Chimbote, Peru in June, Vancouver with a good friend in July, and the possiblity of Jordan this fall. Peru was cancelled and the other plans  are up in the air, but I look forward to the time when travel is possible again and I can make my dreams a reality.

— Donia Simmons, Creative Director

We have a September vacation planned with my wife’s family to Bald Head Island off the coast of North Carolina. I can’t wait to escape from daily life for a while and let the worries and difficulties of this year wash away with the tide.

— Brian Jewell, VP & Executive Editor

I am newly engaged and have a wedding date of September 12, 2020. My fiancé and I are really looking forward to our potential Caribbean honeymoon. Neither of us has ever traveled outside the United States, so it will be an adventure for sure.

— Caroline Davis, Sales & Marketing Executive Assistant