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Study Reveals Generational Travel Differences

Millenials take the lead in international travel this summer, according to a recent study by Shullman Research Center. The study examined the travel habits of American consumers with an annual income greater than $75,000.

Millenials (ages 18-34) not only plan to travel more internationally, but they will also spend more on domestic trips than either generation X (ages 35-50) and baby boomers (ages 51 to 69). However, older generations report more planned travel for pleasure and within the U.S. compared to younger ones.

Breaking it down by destination, the top domestic trips for millenials include Hawaii (19 percent), New York (nine percent) and Florida (nine percent). Generation X preferred Florida (18 percent) and California (10 percent). Meanwhile, boomers chose Nevada (10 percent and Florida (eight percent) for their top picks.

Boomers stated their preference for a standard hotel (50 percent), while millenials  (38 percent) and generation X (34 percent) revealed their partiality for four- or five-star hotels.

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