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Tali Travels Vlog Features Group Travel

SALEM, Ohio — Group travel is catching the attention of a growing set of younger travelers, as evidenced by the recent video blog by Tali Travels. Tali Travels is a small but growing travel video blog, or vlog, hosted on YouTube by Atalia Shlafer, who also publishes a lifestyle vlog.

Tali Travels is focused on providing timely information on up-to-date travel destinations and travel trends for a younger audience than the stereotypical group travel market. Shlafer caught our eye when she published a vlog titled “Travel Tour Groups Pros and Cons.”  The video deals with taking a group tour through the eyes of a Generation X or millennial traveler and is a good starting point for people making decisions about group tours.

“I was encouraged to see the group travel subject discussed in a vlog targeted to people under the age of 35,” said Charlie Presley of The Group Travel Family.

The video points out obvious factors such as value and convenience but also discusses the hidden value of traveling with a group: camaraderie.

“It is interesting that a millennial vlogger sees participation with a group as a value,” Presley said. “That is the open secret of group travel and will continue to be so for generations of travelers to come.”

The video is one of Shlafer’s most-watched postings and can be viewed on the Tali Travels YouTube channel.