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The Group Travel Family launches TravelTalks Series

SALEM, Ohio — A major advance in the networking and education of group travel planners has been announced by The Group Travel Family, the organization that has led the way for leaders of group travel over the past 25 years.

Soon, The Group Travel Family will roll out a series of TravelTalks that will be held in 35 cities across the United States.

“TravelTalks will gather the best travel organizers and give them the opportunity to share ideas, network, gain knowledge at workshops and meet with travel industry partners,” said Joe Cappuzzello, president of The Group Travel Family.

TravelTalks will focus on education, with networking and tour product awareness also playing important roles in the events.

Group travel is a major market in tourism. Most group travel is driven by individuals who have the trust of their community, organize a tour and recruit others to join. These organizers are the catalysts for much of the group business enjoyed by hotels, attractions, restaurants and motorcoach operators.

The Group Travel Family tracks 25,000 travel groups and has found that almost all organizers of group travel are volunteers who learned the trade on their own through trial and error.

“TravelTalks will take group travel organizers to the next level,” Cappuzzello said. “If TravelTalks can move the bar on group travel by increasing the tools available to existing organizers, it will have a dynamic impact on the travel industry.”

The move comes in response to a new wave of group travel organizers representing the baby boomer generation. These new group leaders are eager to learn how to better serve their following of travelers. TravelTalks promises to deliver a blueprint for group travel success to traditional groups and nontraditional groups alike.

“TravelTalks will deliver a new wave of group travel that will keep the market strong for the next generation,” Cappuzzello said. “As we enter a generational change in group travel from mature to boomer, it is important to remember that the 65-year-old traveler will be filling seats for 17 more years. That’s a good thing for the younger travel industry employee to remember. After all, it’s a paycheck until the year 2039.”

To see the TravelTalks agenda and schedule, go to or contact