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Titanic Museum Attractions to give away six Irish trips

Courtesy Titanic Museum Attractions

Leading up to the April 15, 2012, centennial of the sinking of the Titanic and to commemorate the luxury ocean liner’s Irish heritage, Titanic Museum Attractions in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., and Branson, Mo., are giving away six 11-day trips for two to Belfast, Ireland, where the ship was built. 

The 12 winners of the Back to Titanic 100th Year Tour Ireland Sweepstakes will cruise to Belfast, where they will visit Titanic’s birthplace at Slipway No. 3 at the Queen’s Yard of Harland and Wolff.

Complete sweepstakes details can be found at Winners will be announced Feb. 14, 2012.

Beginning this month, Titanic Museum Attractions guests who visit the museums can deposit a single rose petal into a container in the Memorial Gallery. On April 15, 2012, exactly 100 years after the Titanic was lost, each of the rose petals will be carefully laid onto the surface of the Atlantic Ocean directly above where the Titanic sank.

Many descendants of Titanic passengers and crewmembers, including descendants of Second Officer Charles Lightoller, the most senior crew member to survive the Titanic, will travel from around the world to appear at Titanic Museum Attractions throughout 2011 and 2012. Lightoller, whose family now lives in Ireland and Scotland, got away from the sinking ship in a collapsible life raft and was one of only four officers to survive.

With the re-release of James Cameron’s blockbuster “Titanic” movie in 3D on April 6, 2012, Titanic Museum Attractions will open a new gallery at both locations featuring props and costumes on loan from collectors around the world in advance of the movie re-release.

A number of television shows and documentaries to air during the coming year are currently in production featuring the Titanic and Titanic Museum Attractions. ABC Television has commissioned a four-part miniseries and John Joslyn, owner of Titanic Museum Attractions, will re-release his Titanic television documentaries.

On April 14 and 15, 2012, a two-day tribute ceremony will take place at Titanic Museum Attractions in Pigeon Forge and Branson. The solemn ceremony will culminate with a candlelight service and the lighting of an eternal flame that will burn all year to remind visitors to the museums of the 2,208 who died aboard the Titanic.