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Tour operators develop new trips for boomers

Sydney, courtesy Collette Vacations

“People also search for their roots, not only in Europe but all over the planet,” said Etienne.
As for travel bucket lists, Etienne warns boomers and others to check items off their lists before it’s too late. Those interested should visit Greenland before the glaciers melt away or take in the pyramids before Egypt’s political turmoil puts them off limits.

Chris Sollers, vice president for sales at Presley Tours, said many boomers still enjoy good health and are quite active.

“We take smaller groups, from eight to 24, on more interactive adventure tours like snowmobiling in a national park,” he said.

Presley created the Connections tour product to bond people through travel. Those tours include exotic destinations such as the African Serengeti or Costa Rica, where mild weather and plenty of ecotourism opportunities have attracted increased visitor attention. In both of those destinations, travelers can visit local residents in their homes, cook with them, see where they go to school and so on.

All three travel companies emphasized that despite the many custom travel options available, they continue to offer the traditional escorted motorcoach trips for those who still desire predictability. But for the foreseeable future of group travel, it’s baby boomers who will be in the driver’s seat.