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Travel Exchange Live covered the action

Brian Jewell and Jim Reddekopp

Travel Exchange Live! made its debut in Orlando, Florida, as a new media offering for the combined conventions of NTA and the United Motorcoach Association (UMA). Created in partnership with The Group Travel Leader and Terrapin Blue Productions, the video-based news and publicity program for both organizations became a major element on the convention floor.

Editorial personnel from The Group Travel Leader worked with Terrapin Blue production crews to create more than 30 live interviews from a 20-foot stage area and from the floor itself. Terrapin Blue also shot footage of meals and events, the Travel Exchange business floor, numerous seminars and other activities.

Social media was an integral part of the overall program as numerous interviews were posted immediately on YouTube and sent to delegates and industry members via Facebook and Twitter feeds. Most of those interviews will also be edited and posted on websites such as