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Travel Features Are Becoming Travel Events

A great publishing company today must thrive in several realms. While an outstanding travel feature in a respected magazine is still a coup for any destination, delivering substantial social media and video coverage for that destination really extends those benefits. Bringing qualified travel planners along who return home and sell the destination to their followers blows past traditional media coverage.

“Last October, in a great partnership with the Jordan Tourism Board, we took a group of superb travel planners to Jordan for a week,” said Mac Lacy, publisher of The Group Travel Leader Inc. “Jordan contracted with us to promote the trip to our readers and to send me along to do social media, video interviews and travel features afterward. The result was more than just media; it became a travel event.”

As a result, The Group Travel Leader Inc.’s immersive media campaign was born.

“We promoted the FAM to our readers through online and print coverage,” said Lacy. “Christine Moore and her associates at the Jordan Tourism Board developed a registration process that qualified respondents and selected a group to go. Subsequently, they’ve taken another group of those who could not attend in October.

“We had a magnificent trip that included Jordan’s capital city of Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Mount Nebo, Jesus’ baptismal site, the Dead Sea resort region and other areas of the country. The travel planners were amazed at the beauty and heritage of Jordan and are now ambassadors for this key destination of the Holy Land. We captured their excitement in print, on video and through social media.”

For more information on hosting an immersive media campaign through The Group Travel Leader Inc., contact Stacey Bowman at 888-253-0455 or to create your events.