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Travel Tech is Here

When it comes to travel, a growing list of websites, programs and apps can help group travel planners streamline their trips and their businesses. The technology comes in many forms.

Tour operator software consolidated the many moving parts of group travel, making it easier for planners to manage every aspect of their trips, from communicating with clients to handling back-of-house operations.

Other software platforms address more specific needs. Booking software, sometimes referred to as ResTech, manages reservations and bookings; others software helps planners build itineraries.

The following travel tech platforms can help group travel planners take their trips to the next level.


Key Uses: Group itineraries, booking and payments, travel management software, website design, mobile app

Killer Feature: Magic Links can send each registered traveler a personalized itinerary that includes their costs, accommodations, personal trip documents and additional activities.

Details: YouLi is tour operator software designed to be a one-stop shop for travel planning. It is easy for both planners and their clients to use and is highly customizable. It allows trip participants to opt in for different accommodations or activities and receive personalized itineraries. So, if a traveler wants to stay extra days or book a different flight, it’s not a problem.

The software allows planners to manage bookings and payments in a secure portal, invoice travelers and generate automatic payment reminders. YouLi can integrate an existing travel website or create new, white-label websites and mobile apps for consistent branding.

Cost: A free tier comes with higher booking fees; paid tiers have lower booking fees and range from $55 to $400 per month.

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Key Uses: Customer relationship management, office tasks, booking engine, website integration, itinerary building

Killer Feature: Task management allows users to create and allocate tasks to prioritize, organize and meet deadlines in a centralized location.

Details: Moonstride is a customer relationship management and back-office platform for travel businesses. Moonstride Group, designed for group travel planners, includes most of the company’s many features. Many are flexible and customizable, such as tour itinerary building and quote building. Automation is one advantage of this software. For example, its automatic payment reminders can reduce workload for travel planners as they collect payments.

The platform also allows travelers to create payment plans. Moonstride works with accounting software and with merchant services that process credit card payments. Organizers can send trip details, plans and questions to travelers and travelers can do the same.

Cost: One-time fee of $1,950 for setup, plus $895 per month for five users

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Key Uses: Booking and payment platform, itinerary building, white-label solution, marketing

Killer Feature: WeTravel offers a carbon-offsetting feature to promote sustainable tourism. Travelers and planners can purchase a carbon offset for their trip, which WeTravel then invests in certified carbon reduction products.

Details: WeTravel is a booking engine and payment platform designed to make booking and payments simple and streamlined. It handles predeparture aspects such as booking, itineraries, marketing and communication with travelers. Its user-friendly itineraries, which can be integrated into existing websites, can market trips to travelers. It also offers multiple payment options for travelers and for tour companies to transfer funds. WeTravel’s online demos and courses help make it an easy-to-implement travel tech tool.

Cost: Free plan for the basics; $79 per month plan for companies and teams; custom enterprise plan for $899 per month

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Key Uses: Registration, billing, white-label solution, customer relationship management

Killer Feature: Tour operators can create white-label custom documents and forms, such as permission slips and waivers, to be e-signed by travelers.

GroupCollect is an online registration and billing software platform designed for multi-day tour operators.  It allows tour operators to create custom, white-label trip pages and documents for travelers to e-sign; sell add-ons to trips, such as travel insurance; and add passengers to waitlists. It also lets them collect online payments through multiple channels, organize travelers by flight and rooming lists and communicate with their travelers and trip leaders easily. Trip leaders have quick access to traveler information and documents and can easily create trip reports, such as meal pre-orders or bus lists.

Cost: Customized pricing

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Key Uses: Itinerary management, customer relationship management

Killer Feature: Trip Plans, Travefy’s mobile app, makes it easy for clients to receive travel messages and itineraries on the go.

Details: Travefy helps travel professionals more efficiently communicate with clients and attract more travelers with attractive itineraries that far surpass traditional Word documents or PDF itineraries. These itineraries include  city guides, pictures of major attractions and activities, and flight and hotel information. Information about reservations is delivered in real-time through the app, so travelers quickly know when plans change, often before they are notified through other platforms.

Travefy simplifies client communications and offers secure storage for their documents, forms, payment information and signatures. Additional features include white-label websites and marketing tools.

Cost: 10-day free trial; $39 monthly plan; annual plan with monthly payments of $31

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Key Uses: Customer relationship management and sales, booking engine, sales and marketing

Killer Feature: The white-label feature lets planners promote trips with their brands simultaneously on trip pages and through email campaigns.

Details: GroupDesk is designed to help group travel planners sell their products more efficiently. Travel planners can manage their products and sales with features like lead capturing, recorded payments and confirmations to suppliers, and supplier contract management. GroupDesk allows clients to book trips, store travel documents and important information, and even make roommate requests.

Travel planners can also create white-label trip pages and branded email templates through Mailchimp; manage relationships with suppliers and clients; and create customized and automated payment plans.

Cost: Customized pricing

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Key Uses: Central reservation system, custom booking, financial operations and sales

Killer Feature: Vendor portals allow vendors to update rates and pricing on their own, so travelers have the most up-to-date information.

Details: Formerly Tricon Systems, Rezometry is an online booking engine and central reservation system. With this platform, customization is the name of the game. Its powerful software lets tour operators, wholesalers and travel planning companies manage reservations for custom itineraries and fixed packages from a centralized platform. Planners can connect with suppliers to get rates and manage contracts and connect with their clients through automated CRM software.

Payment options can be customized so businesses can manage payments through multiple channels and with different currencies.

Cost: Free trial; custom pricing based on travel business

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Peak 15 Systems

Key Uses: Sales and marketing, trip planning, accounting, booking, operations and analytics

Killer Feature: Users can create custom reports and visuals by using company data and trends.

Details: Peak 15 Systems is a software company that consolidates travel planning for tour operators and companies that specialize in group, scheduled and multi-day travel. Planners can build a budget for their trips, invoice customers in multiple currencies and send traveler information to vendors. Peak 15 Systems lets planners keep detailed information about their travelers, including payment history, flight and lodging information, special requests and booking history. It integrates with marketing software including MailChimp and HubSpot, as well as accounting software like QuickBooks.

It also allows planners to analyze components of their business, such as comparing actual versus budgeted costs or collecting feedback through a  post-trip survey.

Cost: Custom pricing

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Key Uses: Itinerary building, group travel communications

Killer Feature: The Poll Your Group and voting features let travelers share their opinions on pertinent travel questions, from activities and lodging to meals.

Details: Troupe is designed to simplify group travel planning and encourage communication and collaboration between group members and organizers. With Troupe, travel organizers can invite participants to a custom Tripsite they create.  Travelers can use the site to RSVP for trips as well as to suggest trip details, take votes and share notes. Group decisions can be loaded into an attractive itinerary and shared among travelers by mobile app.

Broadcasts let group members send announcements, updates and reminders to everyone on the trip. The user-friendly app allows trips to be planned remotely and democratically.

Cost: Free

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