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Two Studies Reveal Millennials’ Travel Preferences

To figure out the travel preferences of the enigmatic age group born between the 1980s and 2000s, two separate studies reveal likelihood of booking group travel, using travel agents and river cruising. One study by the Association of Travel Agents (ASTA) revealed that in comparison to Baby Boomers and Generation X, Millennials are more likely to travel in groups.

Whether they are taking trips with friends or family, Millennials reported more likely to take these group trips, as well as more likely to book their trips through a travel agent then the other two age groups. About 30 percent of Millennials reported using travel agents in the last 12 months, while less than 20 percent of Generation X and Baby Boomers did.

A separate study by AAA revealed that Millennials find the attributes of river cruising more appealing than any other generation. The survey listed nine aspects of river cruising that might draw travelers, including destinations, convenience of docking in central locations, overall value and more intimate ships.

Millennials ranked the attributes more appealing than other generations on almost every point, such as the ability to visit unique destinations not accessible to larger ships, which 62 percent of Millennials ranked as desirable, while 46 percent of Generation X and 47 percent of Boomers reported the same.

For more information, read the ASTA and AAA reports or the Travel Weekly and PR Web articles.