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Video Streaming Boosts Group Travel

SALEM, Ohio — Every group travel planner knows how challenging it can be to coordinate a successful trip.

Even if you do absolutely everything right — choose a meaningful destination, partner with an established organization and find great deals on tickets — it’s never guaranteed that your trip will be well received.

Why? It’s possible that not enough people know about the trip.

To combat this issue, consider what could happen if you integrated live video streaming into your trip preparation.

Live video streaming is a high-tech way to share events such as meetings, sermons and worship services in real time with people, wherever they are. People lead busy lives and can’t always be at every event they wish they could attend. When you stream your event, people can be a part of the activity, even if they’re not there in person.

You have important information to share about your trips. You’re planning a trip with the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. Before every trip, there are various activities you do that would be enhanced through streaming.

• Trip Unveiling — Six to nine months before a trip takes off, most planners will host a meeting introducing the tour to build excitement and recruit passengers. Unfortunately, you might experience weak attendance at this meeting. Streaming the meeting would give you an opportunity to extend the excitement beyond those physically present, increasing your chances of attracting new members.

• Training — Depending on the destination, many tours require pretrip training to ensure everyone is adequately prepared for the trip. Topics include language tips, cultural immersion and general safety. Live streaming these sessions guarantees that every member will be adequately prepared for the trip and will know what to expect, even if they can’t make it to the meeting.

BoxCast, a live-video-streaming company, helps make streaming easy. All you have to do is connect your video camera and internet (cable or Wi-Fi) to its streaming hardware. That’s it. They’ve automated the entire process so you don’t have to do anything else. BoxCast also archives every stream so that it can be viewed on demand at a time that’s most convenient for your trip’s participants.

To learn more about BoxCast go to