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WEB EXCLUSIVE! Three more mining attractions

Courtesy Adventure Copper Mine

1.) Pocahontas Exhibition Coal Mine
Pocahontas, Va.

The oldest coal mine attraction let visitors first opened in 1882. After removing 44 million tons of coal, it closed in 1955 and became the nation’s first exhibition coal mine. Adjacent to the coal mine is the Coal Heritage Museum.

2.) Adventure Copper Mine

Upper Peninsula, Mich.

Groups touring this mine can take historic surface tours, underground copper mine walking tours and underground hikes involving rappelling down mine levels. The Adventure Mine opened in 1850 and it remains one of the best preserved 19th century mines, although it never managed to turn a profit.

3.) Crystal Gold Mine Tour
Kellogg, Idaho

Guides will demonstrate hand-steeling on a tour of the Crystal Gold Mine. The mine’s gold bearing vein was discovered in 1879 by Tom Irwin of whom little is known other than he mined the area for three years before abandoning the property. Now, guests can see the gold and wire silver on the walls of the mine while walking through.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE! Three more mining attractions