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‘Been Youtubed’ Introduced at Group Travel Family Conferences

SALEM, Ohio — The age of social media marketing has reached the group travel industry, and one organization is helping group travel leaders with content in the form of free marketing videos. The Group Travel Family, a national operator of travel marketplaces that serve the group market, will offer to film, edit and deliver promotional videos to delegates attending their conferences.

The program, titled “Been YouTubed” after the popular video platform, has been developed over the past two years and, to date, has produced over 1,500 videos that feature group travel destinations, serving travel planners as well as the travel industry. The videos have been viewed 150,000 times by people interested in group tours and packages.

The “Been YouTubed” program allows travel planners or travel industry delegates attending a Group Travel Family event to film a short clip about their group, destination, tour or service. It will be edited, produced and delivered free of charge in about two weeks.

“We just returned from the Select Traveler Conference, where 90 videos were filmed and will be distributed to help grow group travel,” said Joe Cappuzzello, president of The Group Travel Family.

When the travel planners or travel industry delegates receive them. the videos can be placed on social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and used on web pages. The program’s goal is to elevate the awareness of group travel via social media.

“I encourage every delegate to participate in ‘Been YouTubed,’” Cappuzzello said. “It’s a free sales tool.”

“Been YouTubed” is available at the Select Traveler Conference, the Going On Faith Conference, the African-American Travel Conference, Boomers in Groups, the Small Markets Meetings Conference and the AgritourismWorld Summit. Information on these meetings is available by calling 800-628-0993 or online at