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Ascending to the Heavens

On my fifth day of touring with Collette Vacations, I feel as though I saw the entire Canadian Rocky Mountain range from above. The vistas from the top of the Sulfur Mountain didn’t just make me feel as though heaven was close, but that I was in heaven itself.


The Sulfur Mountain Gondola is an eight-minute ride that takes sightseers 7,400 feet above sea level. As I went up and up and up in the gondola, the surrounding valley began to unfold below me, making the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel seem like a toy castle. At the top, I felt like I was on top of the world and could see forever.


After my trip to the top of the Rockies, I explored the charming town of Banff. This tourist town contains plenty of shopping opportunities for the most enthusiastic shoppers.


Inside the town, I learned about a gemstone even rarer than diamonds at the Ammolite in the Rockies. In the museum/shop, I heard a presentation about the ammolite that is found only in southern Alberta.


Originally fossilized shells of creatures that died at the bottom of the sea to be forgotten, the rainbow colored gemstones are now sold in Banff as colorful jewelry.


Banff also feeds hungry tourists up and down its main avenue with numerous restaurants and shops. May I recommend trying Mountain Chocolates’ treats if you are in the area. The shop offers handmade chocolates, caramel corn, caramel apples and other sugary concoctions that satisfy the sweet tooth.


canada 1

Spectacular view on top of Sulfur Mountain

canada 2

View of trail at top of Sulfur Mountain

canada 3

One of the fossils used to make Ammolite jewelry

canada 4

Handmade candy at Mountain Chocolates