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Behind the scenes

In my daily life I often push buttons, flip switches, turn keys and without another thought, magic seems to happen. Lights instantaneously flash on, elevators lift and car engines roar on the spot without another hint of how my simple motion jump started these complex processes. At the Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin in Milwaukee, I took a behind the scenes look at life by exposing the unseen forces behind man-made and natural wonders in our everyday world.


The science museum explores the world’s mechanisms with numerous hands-on exhibits that break down how things work, such as a hamster wheel for humans to power a light bulb and clock gears that illustrate how clock keeps time through a system of weights. Even processes as intense as computer code for automated machines and the invention of the electric guitar were revealed at the museum.


In another part of the museum, exhibits on what’s really under our waterways used glass aquarium tunnels and touch-me tanks to make me feel closer with bizarre-looking underwater creatures. Though I still couldn’t build a battery from scratch, the museum made me think about how much in the world I take for granted. This museum was one of many intriguing attractions I discovered on my tour of Milwaukee with many more surprises in store tomorrow.