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What is a favorite view you remember from a trip?

“What is a favorite view you remember from a trip?”

People travel far and wide to take in a spectacular view. Our staff let us know some of their favorite panoramas they beheld during their travels.


“The incredible vistas from the top of Grinnell Glacier stay in my mind as some of the most memorable. Looking behind me, I could see three alpine lakes of perfect turquoise surrounded by rocky mountains and looking forward, I could see a cascading water fall. Moving on up the mountain, I gradually glimpse the giant Grinnell Glacier.

“The 7.6-mile loop that climbed 1,840 feet also made me feel like I had truly earned the blockbuster view.”

-Eliza Myers, online editor


“The Grand Canyon. Nothing I’ve ever seen can compare to that view! The colors, the layers, the vast grandness and scale of it all. You just can’t describe it. You have to experience it to understand. It is definitely a bucket list trip and an unsurpassed view.”

-Donia Simmons, creative director


“My high school class has a very active group who enjoy mini reunions. In 2012 we took a Caribbean cruise together. It was my first cruise on a ship not painted haze gray with big white numbers on the bow, so had worked hard to help organize the cruise and the anticipation had sharpened my appreciation. The first evening’s dinner at sea our group was seated along the stern windows of the dining room, so we had a large window’s view of the fantail and the ships prop wash dissolving into the brilliantly blue sea as we shared our first meal together.

“That was a powerful combination of a well planned event with life-long friends with a superb dinner overlooking a picture perfect day at sea. It is a true milestone for each of us from that cruise.

“With our 50th anniversary class reunion later this month, that cruise has attained legendary status within our group of friends, and fuels our enthusiasm for the cruise we have planned together this fall to see New England and Canada’s fabled fall colors.”

-David Brown, art director


“About ten years ago, I was on a tour of Australia and New Zealand, and spent several days in Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island. Our hotel was situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, a beautiful glacier-fed lake, although I didn’t realize it at the time of check in. But when I arrived in my room, I found a large picture window looking out onto the lake and the snow-capped mountains in the background. I was stunned — partly because the view was so beautifully, and partly because I hadn’t expected such an amazing perspective from my hotel room window. I don’t think I’ve ever had a hotel room with such an amazing view since then.”

-Brian Jewell, executive editor


“Mine is standing in a field full of wild flowers looking up at the breathtaking Neuschwanstein Castle.”

-Kelly Tyner, director of sales and marketing