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PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

100 North 20th Street, 5th Fl.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103
Kayla Delgado
(215) 988-8762
Are you currently open for group business?
What restrictions or limitations are currently in effect in your state?
In Pennsylvania, masks are required to be worn indoors and outdoors if you are away from your home. When outdoors, a mask must be worn if you are not able to remain physically distant (at least 6 feet away) from someone not in your household the entire time you are outdoors. When indoors, masks are required even if you are physically distant from members not in your household. This means that even if you are able to be 6 feet apart, you will need to wear a mask while inside if with people other than members of your household. This applies to every indoor facility, including homes, retail establishments, gyms, doctors’ offices, public transportation, and anywhere food is prepared, packaged or served.