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Plan Your Trip to the Ark Encounter

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Visitors from around the world have traveled to Northern Kentucky to see the Ark Encounter and its sister attraction, the Creation Museum. Conveniently located between Cincinnati and Lexington, Ark Encounter is group-friendly and a great travel spot for visitors, young and old, with its multiple food venues, a variety of experiences, and a large auditorium for video showings, concerts, and live speaker sessions.

Enjoy one of the multiple food venues

If you haven’t yet visited the life-size Ark, built according to the biblical dimensions, be prepared to be awed at your first sight of its massive exterior! But the outside of this imposing timber-frame structure is only the beginning of your experience.

Inside the Ark are three decks of exhibits. Upon entering deck one, you are quickly immersed in the Ark Encounter experience as you walk among wooden cages and food storage containers. Teaching signs give information about animal kinds and how many animals Noah would likely have needed to house on the biblical ark.

There are multiple decks to explore inside the Ark Encounter

Continuing to deck two, you’ll dive into exhibits exploring aspects of the pre-flood world, animal care on the ark, and Noah himself—as well as enjoy a short feature film.

The deck three exhibits begin with a walk through the ark’s living quarters. After another short feature film, the exhibits continue with discussions of flood geology and post-flood events, such as the biblical account of the tower of Babel and the ice age. Deck three also contains a large exhibit from the Museum of the Bible, a walk-through graphic novel experience, a brand-new exhibit featuring an extensive collection of arks from around the world, and more.

You’ll finish your tour of the Ark by descending to the ground floor and exiting through the massive gift shop containing apologetic resources, unique Ark-related items and apparel, and a fair trade market. But that isn’t all the Ark Encounter has to offer!

Outside the Ark, there are many more things to see and do around the grounds year-round! Near the gift-shop exit lies the entrance to the popular Ararat Ridge Zoo, where you can learn about and observe a variety of exotic animals, such as lemurs and African crested porcupines, and you can even have a camel ride, a “walkabout” with kangaroos, and other animal encounters, weather permitting. There’s also a petting zoo, virtual reality experience, one-of-a-kind carousel and beautiful gardens to experience.

Enjoy a camel ride

And don’t forget to check out what’s happening in the Answers Center. Located at the bus pickup and drop-off point, the Answers Center Auditorium is a great place for guests to relax and enjoy a short film feature or a talk from one of our dynamic speakers. Check the daily calendar ahead of time to see which shows, concerts or speaker events are scheduled on the day of your visit.

We hope you’ll visit Ark Encounter—voted the best religious museum in the US in 2023!

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