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Remember the Moon


My 10-month-old daughter asked her question while pointing up into the sky. I was hurrying to get her inside while carrying a large bag so I quickly glanced up. It was the moon.

I forgot it was up there. After really looking hard at the glowing moon with my daughter, I remembered that the moon really is an incredible sight.

One of my favorite things about having a young child is seeing the world through her eyes. It’s cliché, but so true that things I take for granted seem unbelievably impressive to her.

Nothing is beneath her notice. A speck of dirt on the ground is just as impressive as a mountain to her. I love seeing her mouth open in disbelief when I turn the lights on or blow bubbles for her.

These lessons take me outside the everydayness of things to remember the wonders of the world. It also made me realize how much of travel I take for granted.

When you travel a lot for work, it can seem old hat to board a plane to travel across the country. But looking at airplanes from a child’s point of view makes the experience of lifting off the ground with 100 other people like magic.

So the next time you travel, try to find moments where you see your surroundings from a child’s eyes instead of those of an experienced traveler. I guarantee you will notice the moon and other normal miracles with a new sense of wonder.