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Richmond rocked!

On August 23, 2011, an earthquake shook the city of Richmond, Va., and ensured an exciting start to the Going On Faith Conference. Although only lasting for a few seconds, the quake made for an unforgettable first day of conference registration.

That evening, attendees learned that even rats could be trained to play basketball at the Science Museum of Virginia’s evening reception. Delegates watched an African-themed show with actors in traditional African garbs and music, before wandering through the museum’s main exhibits. One exhibit in lab room showcased rats showing off their basketball dunking skills.

The next day, delegates listened to a moving presentation by Tucker Davis about the Honor Tour program. The program enables WWII veterans to tour Washington D.C. for free. Davis told several emotional stories about veterans getting to see D.C.’s war memorials for the first time.

At the marketplace, vendors could meet with religious group leaders via Skype for the first time at the Going On Faith Conference. After sightseeing tours around Richmond, sweet smells and gorgeous blooms decorated the walkways at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s reception. After dinner, attendees were able to pursue the flowers at their leisure before an evening song and dance performance in front of the historic Bloemendaal House.

Roger McCurry’s presentation on faith-based travel kicked off Wednesday’s marketplace. To illustrate his points, McCurry demonstrated a few magic tricks he had picked up over the years to entertain groups. For the final lunch reception, attendees watched a NarroWay Productions preview of their many religious-based theatrical shows.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden