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Staff Sound-Off: Beach Vacations

We asked the staff at The Group Travel Leader: “What was your all-time favorite beach vacation?” Find out their best ideas below!

“I’d have to say a trip we did to Kaanapali Beach on Maui when our boys were maybe 14 and 11 was my favorite beach vacation. While the actual beach there is not the best in the world for just chilling, we did some remarkable snorkeling trips and they both were thrilled just to be in Hawaii. Kim and our oldest son, Sam, did took a bicycle ride down from Haleakala volcano, we went to a beachside luau and I got to play Kapalua, the most beautiful golf course I’ve ever played.”

— Mac Lacy, Publisher


“Siesta Key, Florida. I would go with my parents growing up, and it was my last FREE vacation. I so miss those days.”

— Stacey Bowman, National Sales Manager


“While I have been to many coastal areas, I’m too much of a “go-go-go” type person to enjoy lounging on the beach for a week, so I’ve never actually had what most people would calla true beach vacation. Instead I enjoy going to coastal wildlife refuges and parks and taking photography walks with my husband or photographing lighthouses and landscapes along the Georgia and Florida coasts.”

— Ashley Ricks, Circulation Manager


“You wouldn’t normally think of mud as something that would factor into a dream beach destination, but one of my favorite beach memories happened the Movenpick Resort in Jordan while I lay covered head to toe in mud at the Dead Sea. Not only did the mud soften my skin, but I also marveled at my ability to stick all of my limbs into the air and still float effortlessly in the super-salty water.”

— Eliza Myers, Online Editor


“Since my beach vacations mostly consist of laying out and drinking cocktails, they’ve all been fantastic!”

— Kelly Tyner, Director of Sales and Marketing


“My wife and I have had two amazing vacations at all-inclusive resorts on the Mexican Riviera. The waters are clear, the sands are sugar-white and the Mexican hospitality culture is impeccable. Now that we have young kids, memories of those romantic getaways are extra special.”

— Brian Jewell, Executive Editor