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Staff Sound-Off: Childhood Memories

We asked our staff: “What is your favorite travel memory from childhood?” See our staff’s responses below! 

“During the holidays one year, my family stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and received a noise complaint because of a lengthy pillow battle instigated by my dad.”

— Savannah Osbourn, Staff Writer


“My family went to San Antonio, Texas, for a business trip with my dad. On that road trip, I learned all the ways I wanted to kill my sister in her sleep, what the word gringo meant and that I can travel from Indiana to Texas without using the bathroom once. Oh yeah, San Antonio was cool, too.”

— Stacey Bowman, Director of Advertising Sales


“On family road trips, I always claimed the backward-facing bench seat at the back of my family’s nine-passenger station wagon. I watched large swaths of America play out in “high-definition” from my large-screen window view of this great land. It was the best way to travel. I would travel this way again in a heartbeat.”

— Donia Simmons, Creative Director


“It’s a tie between climbing part of the Matterhorn with my grandfather in Zermatt, Switzerland, and a trip to London, where we visited Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guards and did a brass rubbing at Westminster Abbey. But most importantly, we went to a little toy shop that sold the original Paddington Bears.  I still have mine 37 years later.”

— Kelly Tyner, Director of Sales and Marketing


“As kids, we joined our cousins from North Carolina for a trip to the beach each summer. We went to Crescent Beach, which has since been swallowed by North Myrtle Beach, I think. We’d spend our days in the ocean and our evenings playing games. My uncle had a boat, and sometimes we’d go flounder fishing or set crab traps on nearby piers. For years, I never knew a vacation could be anything else.”

— Mac Lacy, Publisher


“I remember a particularly fun trip to Cave City, Kentucky, that my family took when I was probably 9 years old. Exploring Mammoth Cave felt like entering another world to me, and my brother and I loved the midway rides, go-karts and bumper boats at the nearby entertainment centers. Every time I pass the exit for Cave City on Interstate 65, I think of that trip.”

­— Brian Jewell, Executive Editor